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What's the difference between having a good Lao and using him online?

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Wild Ape
If you fight against a good Lao online, you'll still think "online Lao", so is there a real difference between a good Lao and online Lao?

Only good Lao I've fought is Rider. Qwark will say UFG. Would you still blame online for your loss if you fought a good Lao?


That depends on the play style that Lao would use, I suppose. It's the Lao teleport into pressure strings that in most cases gets me online because no matter how hard I try, I can never appropriately punish the teleport online. Today, in expert ladder, I had no problem with the Lao bot trying to teleport pressure me because he either got comboed or got hit by an uppercut almost every time. Most frustrating online is the fact that you sometimes can't even uppercut his damn teleport. You'll see Lao's using low hats to pressure you followed by a feint jump into teleport to get you to try and zone. The best you can do is block their teleport, at which point they immediately go for a mixup. The stupid ones will do a spin afterwards, the smarter ones will grab and then rinse and repeat. Rider never really played Lao that way. He kicked my ass by going through my defenses and punishing my JIPs or telekicks.

For once, I'd like the opportunity to try and play a Lao player offline and see how well or how badly I do against them. If it's still the same then I seriously need to change the way I play against Laos more than I already have; if I can finally punish him appropriately, I'd attribute most of my failures vs online Laos exactly to online. Especially since most of these guys are mediocre at best.


PS: It's the same reason why mediocre Scorps can be extremely dangerous online, which is why I prefer Kitana vs both of them.


Oh, one more thing (sorry for spamming up the thread though :p)

Let's talk about his goddamn spin. It is COMPLETELY overpowered and no other character has a tool like it in MK9. Why? Because it will work both against high hits and low hits. No other spin/parry works like that, ex or regular. I can somewhat understand that it's logical it will counter all hits since his entire body spins, but then, SCZ's parry and Smoke's parry also include their whole body, but they can be poked out of the parry nonetheless. The same goes for Liu Kang's parry, Kratos' parry, Baraka's blade spin and whichever other parry/similar move I'm missing. So having KL and only KL have a move which works as a defense against virtually everything save for projectiles is ridiculous. Sure, Smoke's and Kratos' parry include projectiles, but Baraka's and Kang's don't and they can still be low poked out of them. Doesn't really seem fair.


Wild Ape
good KL

doesnt teleport all day
mixes up teleports
21 hitconfirm to spin
doesnt go autopilot and still wins
knows spacing and how to use his slow pokes
knows d1 is useless
doesn't fullscreen divekick inurface and still tries to hit you when he's already heavily -


Going wild
well, if he abuses teleport 3 ... which is hard to punish online, then yeah he is an online Lao. also blocked pokes followups and shit.

you can tell if the Lao is trying to play the game the right away and not abusing online tactics, coz Lao has huge advantage off of those.

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