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Starting up the forum | Covering Sub Zero

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1Starting up the forum | Covering Sub Zero Empty Starting up the forum | Covering Sub Zero on Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:06 pm


Starting everything up

We as a clan specialise in many characters. One of the purposes of a clan is to learn from one another. So I think it's time for me to get everything going. I main Sub Zero, I would like to think that I know most there is to know about him so I would like to enlighten all of you about his many strengths and weaknesses along with his match ups. I will leave up to you all to decide what would be the most appropriate punishes for the strings I provide.

Moves you need to watch out for

F4 MID, -3 ADV - Watch out for this, a player can begin the match and get a full combo. It's -3 on block, if you were to block this they can switch to F42 Ice clone.
The fundamental chink in this would be ending this string with an Ice clone. F4 has quite good range on it so sub can catch you with an F4 and start up a combo.

Ice clone is known to be unsafe but still difficult to punish for most characters. However, characters like Kenshi are able to easily punish this with BF2 and send Sub Zero full screen away. I won't mention how to punish this with every character but I'll give some general tips.

Non-collision based attacks: I'll give an example, characters like Kung Jin can punish Ice clone with F2 (I think its F2) because Kung Jin has pretty odd collision programmed into his staff.

Meter burn and Armour: You can be simple, use a bar and armour through the Ice clone

B12 MID, -6 ADV - One of Subs main combo starters, great pressure string. Expect a sly D1/4 or B2 OH if you block B12 correctly.

B33 LL, -8 ADV - Sub Zero's only low starter, only way to fully combo after this mid screen would be a MB Ice ball. In the corner however, there is no need to MB Ice ball and a regular ice ball can be combo'd off. But if there is extra damaged desired then the MB Ice ball will do the trick.

Female characters are unfortunate when it comes to this point. B33 can be combo'd into regular ice ball for both in the corner and mid screen. However, it is extremely difficult for Sub to do his notorious corner combos due to the small female hitbox

B2 OH, -18 ADV - Seriously, if you can't punish this, GTFO.

Probably the most unsafe string Sub Zero has, but yet it's the string that leads to Subs big damage combos. When cornered by sub, a B2 is able to catch you if you think you're going in for a NJP/NJK.

242 HMM, -15 - This is unsafe and should be punished. This string is typically used mid combo so you wouldn't see your opponent chucking it out there. Keep in mind the abbreviated version of this 24 is -5.

That's it for now. I will update this thread Hope this helps. I would really like to see all of you posting threads about your mains.

@Khazuv , I would really like to know more about Kitana.

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