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The Devil Ape Clan

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1The Devil Ape Clan Empty The Devil Ape Clan on Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:22 am


Who are we?

A couple of players who are looking to improve whilst developing a stable team of members who have same the intention and equal amount of motivation to both progress the community and improve on playing the game.


- First and most important goal is FUN
- We also want to improve our game play and get better
- Attend to online and if possible to offline tournaments
- Organise online events
- Grow and become a big respected family
- Contribute and become an icon in the global MK community


- We are looking for people with a good mentality and correct behaviour. We are not looking for virgin angels but people who can handle losses and don't get salty.
- The skill level matters but is not essential. We prefer respectful motivated players over egocentric champs.
- Motivation is a must
- Activity: the members have to keep in touch with this forum and other clan members

How to join?

- post your PSN account and ask for a tryout in this thread. Our recruiters will contact you and try to figure out if you fit in the clan.
Once that stage is over, you will get the title of prospect/applicant for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we will vote if you can become a full team member
Full members need to create a DevilApe_* psn account to represent the clan.


The clan will have five/six rankings, each ranking is set a different role and has a different level of importance

Prospect - Potential members

Applicant - This is the first ranking a member will achieve

Advisor - Will provide advice and technical support to the moderators of the forum as well as being known for being very skilled and knowledgable about the game

Recruiter - They are responsible for recruiting and updating members about people that are interested in the clan, recruiters must post on the forum about new findings to see the clans opinion on a matter

Moderator - Responsible for managing members and forum, moderators would typically work alongside administrators

Administrator - Take care of clan, manage the forum as well managing events and external clan activity such as tournaments and clan battles

@Vjeekes - OldSchoolVjeekes
@llabslb - R1D1_998
@MAN0 : Man0_GRC
@Khazuv: Khazuv
@Wam-Zlay: Wam-Zlay
@looktotheluna : Retr0sharky
@c0ki : c0ki_84
@vladmag21: vladmag21

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