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FH tournament aftermath

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1FH tournament aftermath Empty FH tournament aftermath on Thu May 24, 2012 10:23 pm


Wild Ape
Hey guys,share your stories of wins/eliminations here!

i'll start with mine tomorrow!

Still can't believe i lost it,could've brought it home for BOP,and to think Mickadi only had 3% HP tops,i soul stole at the wrong time,i wasn't anti airing much in fear of lag,i could've gotten some easy damage but i didn't,was pretty disapointed about that.

i think i'll stay,i can't not represent BOP in future tourneys and i miiiished you.

2FH tournament aftermath Empty Re: FH tournament aftermath on Fri May 25, 2012 1:58 pm


it wasn`t as bad as i thought it was gonna be... but it was still bad ... i believe i speak for both me and luxeon right now since we were together... we played at a friend cause he had a better internet and we had to go on a party... 4h late .. whatever tho :D

about them matches we both lost because of lag mainly luxeon could of easyliy beaten mickady but he missed all of hes combos we had a ton of lag... it was bad m8 not seeing him do combos... you all know why ... and me i lost to outside or smth like that cant remember he was a bad player rly jumped alot and did nothing ... good presure tho with rain but not as good as some i have played against and some that i have beaten... couldnt bite jumps nor teleports no way to execute presure ... combos were alright tho but he had lag knowledge advantage and therefore had more meter so he breackered almost always... im pritty sure me and lux eat those for breackfast... but you know how online is :] i hope this doesnt sound like an excuse but tis the truth ... mickadi played descent but sz is waaaay easyer on lag than cyrax... it was rly rly sad when he missed simpmle combos...

another thing may be that we played 2 hours of training me and him :D before that and perhaps we got used to it... but im pritty sure with our net connection it was hardly our fault

something i noticed is that none of them played with the characteres they inlisted none of the once i played against ... and i hope it aint some sort of scam but it is not taht important

im rly happy ruby :] hope to play or make some koths tonight ill be on late :]]]

3FH tournament aftermath Empty Re: FH tournament aftermath on Thu May 31, 2012 6:36 am


Going wild
still feels good to have eliminated Hezbo in first round. but i fucking dropped it in the second game with the lebanese boy. totally underestimated him first match, coz i played him before and he wasnt tough to beat.

vs Hezbo
Match1: I played Noob vs Scorp, and I am pretty sure he had mentioned Raiden in the FH thread but he went to Scorp. I got beaten pretty badly that match. he was doing instant tele's and making me respect it so i couldnt zone him, and when i went upclose Scorp had better tools for pressure and rushdown. i just caved in that match.
Match2: I went to Sub, it wasnt pretty quick. I just rushed him to the corner on the Pit on round1 and he stayed there for the match. I win. Woolay.
Match3: This was close, i wanted him to en tele so i could do my (favourite) d4 iceball, haha. but he wasnt doing it. kept wanting to zone me, but eventually i got in and he took a risk with a f4 spear that I was blocking low after a vortex and he got punished, i think thats how i won round3 of this match.
No fatality, nothing, we used No Bloog code. he is a decent guy i think. I still play him as we are friends on PSN.

Match1: Noob vs KungLao
I dont know if i couldnt have changed my char before starting the match, or should i have stuck with SUb? I went to Noob coz i registered with Noob, might have made a mistake there. alhtough its a bad matchup for both Noob and Sub, i might have been more confortable fighting KL with Sub. I lost the first match badly again, i couldnt get a rythm going and Kung Lao kept doing random shit, jump tele kick, delayed 3 instant 3, dive kcik, he was all over the place. i could not pin the sucker down.
Match2, went to Sub, it was a very ver close match, he had like less the 10% hp when i lost the second round and the match, but i dropped a b121 somewhere in there coz of lag and got punished for it.
I fuckin hate Kung Lao, would have preferred a Cyrax he is a pain in the ass too but you could kinda figure out a pattern and deal with it maybe but vs Kung Lao its all random online bs.

I am still very very dissapointed. I would have faced Ruby in the following round, i know he would have beaten me but at least I would have slept easier that night instead of kicking myself to losing to lebaneseboy.

Note: I played Lebaneseboy after the tourney too, i still cant believe how i lost the tourney coz i could more then easily handle him. he never pokes or shit, just random stuff with KL and you have to deal with.

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